Returning Students

At 222 Willis we think returning students add an important element to our community. Returning or 2nd year plus students who apply by the 15th of September 2014 for the 2015 year will receive preferential rooming and will be notified by early October of both their offer of place and room allocation. You can indicate on your 2015 application preferred flat mates and room type. Our 2 bedroom apartments are perfect for a couple of mates who want the simplicity of a fully furnished, warm, apartment and who don't want to pay over the summer months!

Here are ten reasons why we think you should consider 222 Willis instead of flatting in your returning years of study.

We think 222 Willis is a great option for returning students - here are the top ten reasons we think you should think about returning to 222!

1. Preferential Rooming.  Returning students who apply by the 15th of September 2014 for the 2015 year will receive preferential rooming. You can indicate on your 2015 application preferred flat mates and room number.  We will notify you by early October of both your offer of place and room allocation so you can have your plans for next year all sorted even before your exams start!

2. It costs about the same but is a whole lot less hassle. At 222 Willis you will pay rent for 42 weeks, just a little longer than your course of study. When you flat in the private market you will probably be locked into a Fixed Term Tenancy Agreement. This means you will be paying rent for 52 weeks. You will also usually have to pay your phone/internet contract for 12 months and you will daily power charges for 52 weeks, even if you are not in the flat. This means that even excluding the cost of purchasing items for your apartment (fridge, washing machine, couches, bed etc) the costs for 222 Willis is comparable to private renting around Wellington. 

3. It is warm and dry. This is not the case in all flats in Wellington (or in NZ really)! 222 is warm and dry (no mold - well except in some of your showers when you haven't cleaned them properly). 

4. You meet new people. Each year new people arrive at 222 Willis. Our residents come from a range of institutions and a range of backgrounds.  This means you will get to meet new and interesting people.  The staff at 222 run a range of activities aimed at getting to know others in the community. You can choose to be involved and get to know lots of new people (or not - your call).

5. 222 Willis is safe and secure. We have on call staff 24/7, a card access system and cameras operating all the time. 222 is as safe as it gets and certainly safer than a flat (especially if you have a flatmate that always forgets to lock the back door!)

6. We have some rules so that everyone can enjoy their time at 222. We have a few rules to help 'keep the peace.' We believe all our residents have a right to quiet enjoyment of their apartments and we make sure that happens (without being unreasonable when people also want to have a bit of fun). We think we strike a nice balance that encourages a good time AND consideration for other people.

7. We are handy to everything. 222 Willis is handy to WelTec, Te Auaha, Massey, Victoria, Yoobee, Le Cordon Bleu, Lambton Quay and Courtney Place!

8. We are attentive, proactive landlords. When things break we fix it, not all landlords do this.

9. It can only get more awesome!  With 5 years of operation, each year just gets better!

10. We plan outings and activities especially designed for you - we are kind of like your own person cruise directors. This year we had a whole host of activity that residents could be part of. This included Paintball, Easter Bunny Hunt, Triplet Tuesday, St Patricks Celebrations, Pool Competition, Smoothies etc.

One more for good luck.....

11. We are here to help! Not just with your stay but also with keeping your flat running well, your studies and just life in general. We aren't as involved with your life as Mum and Dad might be but we here if you need us!


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