For some residents this will be the first time they have had to manage their own money. Here is an idea of what you budget may look like for the time you are at 222 Willis and some useful links.

Draft Budget

Accommodation - $270-$290 p/w

Power / Water - $0 (covered in your rental)

Groceries - $80 p/w

Transport - $0 (you are right in the city)

Clothes - $10 p/w

Takeaways - $15 p/w

Leisure - $25 p/w

Toiletries/beauty/makeup - $10 p/w

Internet - $0 p/w (covered in your rental)

Cellphone - $5 p/w

Weekly total - $415- $435 p/w

Useful Links

Low cost shopping and cooking

Healthy Food Guide - Low Cost Recipes

Sunday Fruit and Vegetable Markets - Wellington has two vege markets, both open 7am to 12 noon on Sundays: Victoria Street Farmers' Market, just across the road from 222 Willis, and Harbourside Market, corner of Cable St & Barnett St, beside Te Papa.

Online shopping - Countdown Supermarket - many students will do their grocery shopping online (and have it delivered) in bulk.  This saves on the extra costs of a taxi or frequent trips to the supermarket.