The Team at 222 Willis has a few different components.  The Management Team which includes Nicky Lattimore the Community Manager, Geoff Wright the Residential Team Leader, Jane Duthie the Community Administrator and Amy Heise the Business Manager.  This team is responsibile for the operation of the Hall and the overall experience of the residents.  Below is the Management Team 'Family Photo.'  This was taken as part of our 'Adopt a Flattie' Promotion. 

The other important group at 222 Willis is the Residential Assistants who are senior students that live in 222 Willis and provide pastoral care.  The RAs also organise activities and events.  Below is their 'Family Photo.'

The third component of 222 Willis Team is our security staff.  Security at 222 Willis is provided by an external contractor Newclare.  Newclare specialise in providing security to student accommodation, they don't just secure the environment they also provide pastoral care and conflict resolution. (Photo to follow)