Residential Assistant (RA) 2018

Job Description

Residential Assistant 2018 application are now closed.

Preferred applicants should be second year upward tertiary students from any Wellington institute for 2018; when applying for this position.

Do you have what it takes to be an RA?

  • Are you the kind of person who truly enjoys meeting new people?
  • Can you manage your own time efficiently 
  • Can you come up with creative and interesting activities and events for the residents of 222 Willis?
  • Are you able to communicate well to a wide variety of people?
  • Can you smile and give a friendly response even when you’re tired, stressed, or not feeling well?
  • Can you work effectively with people that have a different approach to life, work and relationships from you?
  • Can you use common sense and initiative to get the job done?

222 Willis has a team of live-in Residential Assistants (RA’s) based in our student accommodation building that provides welfare and support services for our residents. Our residents are students who come from various tertiary institutions around Wellington and caters for residents at every level of tertiary study.

RAs play a crucial role in maintaining our vibrant 222 community. They have a strong influence on a resident’s experience of tertiary study and fill a pivotal role in the operation of 222 Willis. For this reason RAs are considered essential members of the Accommodation Services Team.

The full team includes the Accommodation Manager, Community Manager, Residential Coordinator, and the Office Manager. Both the Community Manager and the Residential Coordinator live on-site as management support for the RA team. The RA role is a fixed term position to support residents during the acadmeic year.

Main purposes of the RA position:

The main role of the RA’s is to assist in the establishment of a vibrant community at 222 Willis.  RAs work with the Community Manager and Residential Coordinator to put on activities and events, and maintain a safe and positive environment for the residents. The community development programme designed for the residents aims to encourage community minded behaviours, create a sense of belonging and enhance their tertiary experience. 

Key Tasks of an RA role include:

  • Assisting in the provision of a safe, stimulating and fun community that is conducive to achieving academic excellence.
  • Evening office duty.
  • Evening rounds, including building safety and student checks.
  • Ensuring Community Standards and Rules are adhered to (see handbook on
  • Providing a high standard of service to all residents and guests.
  • Ensuring the building is kept clean and tidy at all times.
  • Assisting with the planning and provision of an interesting and varied community development programme.
  • Ensuring residents are well supported and their pastoral care needs are met.
  • Acting as a role model to other staff and residents.
  • Attending all events when required by management

Fundamental to the RA role is the ability to carry out and be available for duties as part of an on-call Residential Assistant roster. This means applicants must:

  • Be able to work a variety of hours in response to needs.
  • Be flexible in relation to leave days and duty times to cover for unexpected events.
  • Attend training courses as required
  • Attend weekly RA team meetings.

Hours of Work/Time commitment

When deciding to be an RA, it is important to consider the time commitment. Duties and responsibilities are varied and often unpredictable, it is difficult to specifically define the amount of time you will spend on your job. Because of these demands, we require applicants who are flexible in their approach to work. In exchange RAs enjoy flexibility when they need it and a creative and cooperative work environment.


RAs receive remuneration for their work.  Please note this is a live-in position and all RA’s are required to reside in the student accommodation. 

Sound like you? Want to apply? Follow the link below!

Applications close on Wednesday 11th October 2017.